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  • Stanton Harcourt, Industrial Estate - Ongoing Maintenance (Private)

  • Wantage Care Home (Stepnell)

  • CO-OP Kidlington (Tompkins)

  • Admiral Holland (Edgar Taylor)

  • Aston Clinton (Edgar Taylor)

  • Culham RACE B1 (Midas Group)

  • Holy Trinity Church (Edgar Taylor)

  • Summerfields School (Edgar Taylor)

  • Multi-Storey Carpark (MIDAS Group)

  • 13 new houses, Ardley (Harper Group)

  • New Road, Banbury (KCC)

  • Birch Park Homes (Private)

The Plough, Clanfield Refurb

This is or first project with Concorde BW. Our works consist of forming a new bar area to the rear, Staff room and internal drainage adjustments. Works began on the Bar/Orangery area where we dug to reduce level diverted the existing drains and poured new footing. We then proceeded to install the new drainage and new SW drainage which included a crate soak away. There was some underpinning to do to the existing building where the old walls were exposed with the change in levels. Whilst the still frame was being built on the orangery area we moved inside to complete the drainage adjustments for the kitchen area and poured a new internal slab.

Wantage Care Home and Apartments

Keith Cook Construction were brought into this project to complete the works left by a previous contractor. This has created quite a number of issues as areas we might have finished prior to the building have been left and has made access very difficult for us. We are bringing on retaining walls which will allow us to complete drainage and services and get out the ground. Unfortunately we would have preferred this done during the good weather due to the clay ground.

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