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  • Stanton Harcourt, Industrial Estate - Ongoing Maintenance (Private)

  • Wantage Care Home (Stepnell)

  • CO-OP Kidlington (Tompkins)

  • Admiral Holland (Edgar Taylor)

  • Aston Clinton (Edgar Taylor)

  • Culham RACE B1 (Midas Group)

  • Holy Trinity Church (Edgar Taylor)

  • Summerfields School (Edgar Taylor)

  • Multi-Storey Carpark (MIDAS Group)

  • 13 new houses, Ardley (Harper Group)

  • New Road, Banbury (KCC)

  • Birch Park Homes (Private)

Birch Park Homes

Work has begun on our new site for Birch Park Homes. We dug trial pits to establish the site soil levels and also to carry out a full soil report on the ground. The site has a full remediation strategy due to some hot spots. This requires a 6F2 capping layer to the whole site and and arising to be used as fill below this point. All materials above that are reused are being tested for quality. Topsoil is to be imported at the end of the development. The works initially started alongside the ecologists who where there to look for animals so these could be recovered and safely relocated. Once they were happy the site was clear we proceeded with a full vegetation strip to expose the soil below.

Ardley, Oxfordshire, 13 Houses

Our latest project to start since the return back to work is 13 new houses for Harper Group. We commenced on site on Monday 1st June and are currently doing the site strip and access road with soak away due to go in next week. Our 1st phase of works is roughly 10 weeks before returning for the external works. Progress continue's at speed on the Ardley project with first foundations dug and poured and the new soak away tank is already being installed. Soak away crate now completed. Week 4 finished and pot and beam going on along with incoming services. Drainage runs going in. Plots are now up to block and beam height.

Culham Science Park RACE B1

About the site from the wiki. The Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) is the UK's national laboratory for fusion research. It is located at the Culham Science Centre, near Culham, Oxfordshire, and is the site of the Joint European Torus (JET), Mega Ampere Spherical Tokamak (MAST) and the now closed Small Tight Aspect Ratio Tokamak (START). Formerly known as UKAEA Culham, the laboratory was renamed in October 2009 as part of organisational changes at its parent body, the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA).[1] Since 2016, the director has been Professor Ian Chapman, and the centre has been engaged in work towards the final detailed design of ITER as well as preparatory work in s

Summerfields School, Kidlington

Another development with Edgar Taylor who we have worked with closely for years. This first phase of this works was to form a tarmac access road to the site to give access to the site compound. The compounds was formed on the grass with a georgic and sacrificial stone layer. Works then proceeded to the inside where we are reduce digging the floors to take a new insulated concrete slab with power float finish. Internal drains now in and concrete ready to receive the power float floor. Concrete floors prepped and concrete being pumped into our new slabs ready for power floating.

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