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  • Stanton Harcourt, Industrial Estate - Ongoing Maintenance (Private)

  • Wantage Care Home (Stepnell)

  • CO-OP Kidlington (Tompkins)

  • Admiral Holland (Edgar Taylor)

  • Aston Clinton (Edgar Taylor)

  • Culham RACE B1 (Midas Group)

  • Holy Trinity Church (Edgar Taylor)

  • Summerfields School (Edgar Taylor)

  • Multi-Storey Carpark (MIDAS Group)

  • 13 new houses, Ardley (Harper Group)

  • New Road, Banbury (KCC)

  • Birch Park Homes (Private)

Cobalt Building Harwell

Another development for SDC at Harwell, this project began early 2018 but was delayed when ground conditions were not as expected when possession was taken. Since then a full stabilisation has been carried out down to 3m deep prior to foundations being dug. KCC came in after and dug all foundations and set over 70 sets of bolts in a little over a week. KCC moved on drainage shortly after the foundation was completed and installed 5000 Aquacell Core crates in a hole 28 x 10 x 4m deep. Project is now completed with the external works done. KCC did all preparation for surfacing along with the block paving. KCC also prepared all the tree pits and and topsoiled all area's to receive planting.

Thompson Avenue Car Park

The Thompson Avenue Carpark was a development carried for SDC. Keith Cook Construction carried out all works apart from the surfacing in just 6 weeks. Prior to the machine excavation a Vacuum excavator supplied by Carney was brought in to establish the heights of the existing services due to the sensitive nature of the project and the area surrounding it. Once complete an initial lift of circa 100mm was done to allow cover on what was already shallow services. The area was stripped proof rolled and then build up in a permeable construction as per the spec. Shallow services were capped with RC concrete and a sheet of A252 mesh 1m wide and 300 down each side. Stone make was constructed though

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