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Thompson Avenue Car Park

The Thompson Avenue Carpark was a development carried for SDC. Keith Cook Construction carried out all works apart from the surfacing in just 6 weeks.

Prior to the machine excavation a Vacuum excavator supplied by Carney was brought in to establish the heights of the existing services due to the sensitive nature of the project and the area surrounding it. Once complete an initial lift of circa 100mm was done to allow cover on what was already shallow services.

The area was stripped proof rolled and then build up in a permeable construction as per the spec.

Shallow services were capped with RC concrete and a sheet of A252 mesh 1m wide and 300 down each side.

Stone make was constructed though a capping layer of 6f2 supplied by Earthline, Tensar triax and geogrids to separate the layers. The bulk stone was 350mm of 62-10mm clean supplied by both Earthline and Smith of bletchington which was brought up to the underside of tarmac.

New 10 x 5 kerbs were placed to pre-set out points and pedestrian crossings were finished with tactile pavings.

The surrounding area's to the carpark were redressed in screened topsoil supplied by SCB and covers replaced to suit. A 300mm mass fill planter was also constructed across the front of the carpark.

A new temporary footpath was also dug and surfaced where the eventual join to the existing carpark will be.

New lighting ducting and sleeves for columns were also installed by KCC.

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