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Birch Park Homes

Work has begun on our new site for Birch Park Homes.

We dug trial pits to establish the site soil levels and also to carry out a full soil report on the ground.

The site has a full remediation strategy due to some hot spots. This requires a 6F2 capping layer to the whole site and and arising to be used as fill below this point. All materials above that are reused are being tested for quality. Topsoil is to be imported at the end of the development.

The works initially started alongside the ecologists who where there to look for animals so these could be recovered and safely relocated. Once they were happy the site was clear we proceeded with a full vegetation strip to expose the soil below.

The site levels are now almost ready to receive the capping layer.This completes over 5000m3 of site strip and remediation or the land.

Next process is a 6f2 cap over the entire site to cap off before the main works can begin.

Drainage, Utilities and Bases are going in across the project. After a very wet January and February things finally started to dry out and we was able to begin pouring bases.

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