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153 Headley Way, Oxford.

If you are looking for a new place to live in Oxford, you might be interested in the new flats being built at 153 Headley Way. These flats are designed to offer modern and comfortable living spaces, with high-quality features and amenities.

One of the features that sets these flats apart is the use of timber retaining walls and Visqueen DPM waterproofing. Timber retaining walls are structures that hold back soil or water, creating more usable space and preventing erosion. Visqueen DPM waterproofing is a membrane that protects the walls from moisture and dampness, ensuring a dry and healthy environment.

These features not only enhance the appearance and durability of the flats, but also provide environmental benefits. Timber retaining walls are made from natural and renewable materials, reducing the carbon footprint of the construction. Visqueen DPM waterproofing is also eco-friendly, as it is made from recycled plastic and does not contain harmful chemicals.

Keith Cook Construction have been appointed by Pierwood Construction & Groupwork UK to construct these new flats and a single detached house.

Due to the site constraints we have had to build the flats first.

Enabling Works & Piling.

Foundations & DPM

Visqueen DPM Waterproofing membrane. This is a high-performance, flexible and durable membrane that can be applied to the concrete surface before pouring the concrete. Visqueen DPM Waterproofing membrane is designed to prevent water ingress and capillary rise in the concrete, as well as to resist hydrostatic pressure and chemical attack. It also helps to reduce cracking and shrinkage of the concrete, and to improve its thermal performance. Visqueen DPM Waterproofing membrane is easy to install and comes in various thicknesses and widths to suit different applications. It can be used for both horizontal and vertical shuttered foundations, as well as for basements, retaining walls, tunnels and other below-ground structures. Visqueen DPM Waterproofing membrane is a cost-effective and reliable solution for your shuttered foundation waterproofing needs.

Basement slab preparation and pour.


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