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  • Stanton Harcourt, Industrial Estate - Ongoing Maintenance (Private)

  • Wantage Care Home (Stepnell)

  • CO-OP Kidlington (Tompkins)

  • Admiral Holland (Edgar Taylor)

  • Aston Clinton (Edgar Taylor)

  • Culham RACE B1 (Midas Group)

  • Holy Trinity Church (Edgar Taylor)

  • Summerfields School (Edgar Taylor)

  • Multi-Storey Carpark (MIDAS Group)

  • 13 new houses, Ardley (Harper Group)

  • New Road, Banbury (KCC)

  • Birch Park Homes (Private)

Quad 1 Floor Slab Poured.

150mm ground floor slab is now in place and external Sheet Seal 226 DPM is installed to allow curtain walling to commence. This concludes our work to the structure and leaves only a small ammount of drainage and the external hard lanscape to complete.

Quad 1 Foundations

Foundations and the external ring beam are progressing well and should be complete in the next week. This will allow preparation to begin to the concrete floor. Providing there are no changes the ground floor should be in by the end of the month. Next phase is the Pavilion foundations which start this week and completed by end of next.

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