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Old Admiral Holland Site Banbury

About the Pub

Built around 1960 as part of a massive expansion of housing in the Neithrop area of Banbury, it is named after a local man who commanded the British forces during the Battle of Denmark Strait against the German battleship Bismarck.

It was a typical two room wet-led pub, but in 2017 was demolished to make way for housing on the site.

KCC began on site 04/06/19 with site strip and reduce dig. Around 1000 m3 of spoil and 4 skips of roots and stumps were taken off site in the 1st week.

Once reduced the foundations for the new flats and plot 8 house was dug and concreted by pump (C&G Concrete) (90m3).

Works continue on the new permeable carpark and services supplying the lighting and car charge points.

Works have progressed well with the new permeable access road now completed to tarmac level, eventually this will be core drilled before the final grit and Marshalls Priora Block Paving system placed on top.

Drainage has also been continuing along with the incoming water, electricity and gas trenches.

Due to the limited space to the front of the properties these services were all installed at the same time using combined trenches.

This created some what of a logistical nightmare getting in and out to back fill but we got over this hurdle in the end.

Plots 3-7 now concreted and services and drainage being installed.

Works have recommenced on site which should be our last visit to completion. We will require around 4 months to complete the remaining drainage, services and hard landscaping.

External works underway with paving being installed.

278 Works to Woodgreen Avenue and The Fairway.

External works to the site continue in preparation for the Marshalls Priora block paving due shortly.

External works continue as planned. Everything finally taking shape and can see the end line at last.

Charcoal Priora block paving supplied by Marshalls, these are 80mm blocks for roads and laid on 50mm of clean laying grit. The tarmac below is core drill at 500mm centre's to allow the water to pass through to the permeable sub-base.

The Saxon slabs also supplied by Marshalls and are laid on a screed mortar bed.

Stock pattern kerbs are all supplied by Marshalls.

All materials were supplied through both Our Jewsons, Merkko & John Nicholls trading accounts.