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Culham Multi Storey Carpark

Our new project on the UKAEA Culham Campus. This is again working along side our friends at Midas.

This large steel and concrete structure is due for completion mid 2021 with the bulk of works during the later end of 2020.

The main structure is built of large concrete pads and a new SW drainage scheme to be installed including a petrol interceptor and package pump unit.

Top Soil and Sub Soil Strip

Before the foundations can be poured a full site strip is carried out which includes a crane running platform of 300mm 6F2. The total area off this strip is roughly 5000m2.

Reduce dig and 6F2 capping layer almost complete after 3 weeks. Over 2500t of materials has been imported and 10,000t of soil and stone removed. We had 1 soft spot which almost swallowed up SCB's lorry but was all sorted and no damage done.

Foundation pads are now going in along with the reinforcement cages.

Concrete foundations are now dug and poured

Internal drainage has been completed ahead of the steel frame as access will be limited once the frame is in place.

Steel frame erection has begun

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