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Diamond Light Mound Removal

2022 began with the start of a large muck haulage project for Diamond Light Source at the Harwell campus in Didcot.

This work has been under discussion for 18 months and is phase 1 of the upgrade to the world famous Synchrotron.

We have estimated the project to take roughly 3 months to move the 17500m3 off site.

All materials taken away will be re used in land restoration projects.

KCC are main contractor on this site and as so have put into place all the good practices we use across all our other projects.

Enabling Works

Week 1 & 2 off the removal

The Project was completed 12 weeks later and 2 weeks ahead of program to the delight of the client DLS.

We moved 1533 load totalling 30660t of material.

On completion we were asked to do some excavations around the existing HV which we brought in a vacuum excavator for this task. We also carried out some vibration testing to see the effects on the building when works finally commence on the upgrade.


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