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Diamond Light Source Extension

We are excited to announce that the Diamond Light Source Extension project has reached a new milestone: the completion of a new man hole that is 4 meters deep. This man hole will allow us to access the underground utilities and services that are essential for the operation of the synchrotron facility.

The excavation of the man hole was done using an edge safe system, which is a method of shoring that prevents soil collapse and protects the workers from falling into the trench. The edge safe system consists of steel plates that are inserted into the ground along the edges of the excavation, creating a stable and secure wall.

One of the challenges we faced during the excavation was the close proximity of high voltage (HV) cables in the ground. These cables carry electricity to and from the synchrotron and other buildings on site, and any damage to them could cause serious disruptions and safety hazards. To avoid hitting the cables, we used a vacuum excavator, which is a machine that uses high-pressure air to break up the soil and suck it into a tank. This way, we could safely expose the cables without risking cutting them with a mechanical digger.

The new man hole is part of the Diamond Light Source Extension project, which aims to expand the capacity and capabilities of the synchrotron facility. The project will add six new beamlines, which are specialized instruments that use X-rays to study various materials and phenomena. The project will also upgrade the existing infrastructure and services, such as cooling water, ventilation, and power supply.

We are proud of our team for achieving this important milestone and we look forward to continuing our work on this exciting project.


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