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New Industrial Units: J11 Banbury

Work commenced finally on this large site for Barnfield Construction. This is our first project for this major developer and hopefully will result in further works on other projects.

KCC have been brought in to carry out the foundation for what will eventually be Unit A with the plan to secure the other building along with drainage and section 38 works.

We have begun digging and pouring foundation along with setting in bolt packs along the grids to the north of the site allowing the steel frame to go up as planned.

A third of the site now is concreted and bolt packs installed

Steel Frame

Section 38 works to the new access road which incorporates new services and paths. Drainage was a mixture of 300mm unto 750mm pipes discharging into the site swale with head walls.

Dock Levellers

This slab carries the front loading bays

Internal slab preparation required a dozer to do the initial shape up due to the size of the building. We started by completing the column encasement and fill to the perimeter. The dozer is enable to work too close too the edge so we gave a 2.5m wide strip for it to come off.

Drainage and preparation to office area.

Courtyard Drainage to Unit A

After the great start on building A the PC has awarded us the next building also which is another large unit.

Building B Pile Matt and Foundations

Unit A Internal Slab preparation

The main stone prep was carried out by a 180 JCB with a grading machine attached to the front. KCC prepped the perimeter 2m and around the columns to allow the JCB to work more efficiently.