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Stowe Music School

We are excited to announce that the Stowe music school is expanding its facilities with a new classroom construction project. The new classroom will be able to accommodate more students and instruments, as well as provide a more comfortable and modern learning environment.

The construction method chosen is screw down piles, which are steel tubes that are drilled into the ground and filled with concrete. This method has several advantages over traditional foundations, such as:

- Faster and easier installation, reducing the construction time and cost

- Less disturbance to the surrounding soil and vegetation, minimizing the environmental impact

- Higher load-bearing capacity and resistance to seismic forces, ensuring the stability and safety of the structure

- Greater flexibility and adaptability, allowing for adjustments and modifications if needed

We look forward to sharing the progress and results of this project with you and thank you for your continued support and interest in Keith Cook Construction.

Site Setup.

Reduce level dig to piling matt.

Foundation installation

Screw pile method using 360 excavator.

Screw down piles are a type of deep foundation that can be used to support structures in various soil conditions. They are also known as helical piles, screw piles, or helix anchors. Screw down piles consist of a steel shaft with one or more helical plates attached to it. The shaft is screwed into the ground by applying torque to the top of the pile. The helical plates act as blades that cut through the soil and generate resistance to prevent the pile from pulling out.

Floor Slab Preparation

Underground Drainage

Work in progress


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