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CO-OP Kidlington Development (Now officially called "The Arc")

The overhaul of the CO-OP in Kidlington has been going on for over 12 months with a complete renovation of the existing store, reducing to about 50% of its original ground floor size.

The location of the other 50% and existing carpark are now going to form the new customer parking area and a new residential development.

The venture being carried out by Cantay Estates will see Keith Cook Construction carrying out all groundworks and 278 works to the highway.

Due to the excellent work from our site team we secured the second phase of the project.

Phase 1

During the demolition of the existing store no materials were wasted and instead were crushed to form much of the materials required to complete the new development.

Works have continued with the electricity diversion. Typically the cables are very old and dangerous to move and to make matter worse are buried below concrete.

New 450mm deep pile matt 50% complete with obstructions removed. The other half cannot be finalised until the new carpark is handed over.

Due to the dry weather a dust suppression system was required to minimise the exposure. HughCrane kindly came out at short notice and set up the system which has been performing superbly.

Carpark now taking shape with both kerbs and Aco's going in. Sub-base has been rolled to underside of Type 1 which will begin to be imported soon.

Car park surfacing beginning to take shape.

Final stages of the surfacing went as planned. Carpark and entrance was surfaced over 3 days as per programme. Though disruptive the temporary lights worked well and was minimal delays to the sterling road route.

Carpark in and done

Phase 2

We secured the phase 2 works for the new block of flats. Currently we are preparing for the vibro piles before we we commence the foundations, under slab drainage and finally the finish floor slab.

Pile matt instalation.

Storm diversion

The SW diversion turned out trickier than expected due to the existing old clay pipe being encased in concrete. The guys did a really great job of getting a clean edge exposed to take a band seal before placing the rockers to the manhole.

Foundations and Lift Pits dug across the site.

Drainage and over-sites prepped and poured.

Foul pump installed and backfilled.

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