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Building 329 RAF Welford

A small project for Kier at RAF Welford to install a new generator base and so external works to the building.

Also required is a new fence and armco barrier which is to protect it from any vehicles.

Trial pits to locate services which were identified in the GPR survey issued to us. The service located had no signal but without spiking it we could not prove it wasn't just pot end somewhere so we treated as live and protected with sand and tape despite being nothing protecting it in the first place.

Core drilling for new services with our Hilti DD150 drill kit. Core was done using a 165mm diamond tipped barrel.

New generator base and AC bases:

These were shuttered by our chippies on site. The were concrete with C30 and A252 mesh on 50mm concrete chairs. Edges finished with a bullnose edging trowel.

New edgings to perimeter with chicken wire to prevent rabbits digging through. Chicken wire is 25mm holes.

We then graded all the banks to receive 50-100mm of topsoil and shingled the remaining area's.

Last job was to dig the pits for the armco barriers and put up the fence and gates to surround the new generator. The fence was done by our friends at SSH Civils.


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